Protective Coating - Tri - Coat 700

Tri -Coat 700

is a one-component solvent base coating
based on acrylic resin.

Tri -Coat 700

is designed to provide protection for atmospherically exposed
Structure against attack due to high moisture levels, acidic gases, sulphates
Chloride ions, and sun light
• As a protective coating for stamped concrete
• Plinth and pipe support racks.
• Bridge abutments, Boundary walls.
• Concrete storage tanks.
• As a coating for concrete buildings.
• As protective top coat for primed steel structures in aggressive exposure
Conditions like industrial and coastal environments.
• High rise building and villas.
• used as a road marking on highway, all road in Cities, freeways, as acrylic base road marking in
Factories and as a marking for hold Areas and around the machines.

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